That means there’s a lot of hope resting on the Xperia Z5, but there’s a lot to be excited about with a new design, extra features and some other major improvements along the way.


Sony needed to fix up the design of its Xperia Z series and there have been some big changes this time. It’s still angular and glass-backed, but this time it’s a frosted material instead of the clear glass we’ve seen on every iteration since the Xperia Z1.

The edges have been rounded off a little more and the placement of the buttons on one edge has been switched.

Colour choices for the Xperia Z5 are green, black, gold and white – all of which look great, although the gold version in the most refined. I had the black and gold versions in for my review. Previously the backs of Sony phones have been fingerprint magnets, but this new frosted glass shrugs off marks and looks a lot classier from behind than the Xperia Z3+.

The branding is a little more tasteful this time. The Xperia name is etched into the side of the phone and I love the fact Sony has included the NFC logo here too. It makes it easy to know where to tap, and is a trick some other Android manufacturers could learn from (I’m looking at you, LG).

The camera sits at the top left corner with the flash just below it, and there’s also a little note of the sensor details.