Keep on roaming.
Use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

Now in over 60 destinations including USA, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Australia and Greece.

Feel at Home allows you to use your calls, text and data without paying a penny more.


What is Feel at Home?

Feel at Home is the ability to use roaming when abroad in a number of destinations without incurring any extra charges. Feel at Home is available for all Three customers on Contract and Pay as you Go. If you’re on Pay as you go, all you need to do to fully enjoy Feel At Home is convert your credit into an Add-On. You can then use the allowance in any Feel At Home destination. If you don’t convert your credit into an Add-on you’ll still benefit from lower roaming rates in Feel At Home destinations.


When you have a phone contract or a sim only, you don’t have to buy any addition add on’s or bolt on’s, you can simply use you inclusive allowance you receive in the UK in any of the Feel at Home destinations.

Pay as you Go

If you are still in contract with an alternative network such as O2, Vodafone, EE, giffgaff, iD mobile or Tesco Mobile to name a few, you can still take advantage of Feel at Home by taking a All in One pack on Pay as you Go. This option gives you 30 days usage that you can use in the UK or in your Feel at Home destination. This will mean you have a different number while you are away, however you can divert your calls to your Pay as you Go number from your existing contract to receive calls. Text messages however will not come through. You do need to have an Unlocked phone, which you can read about on here. You can purchase one of these Pay as you Go Sim Cards buy clicking the Add on.

All in One 10

All in One 10 gives you 3000 UK Voice Minutes, 3000 text and 1GB of data.

Buy now for £10 - lasts 30 days.

All in One 20

All in One 20 gives you 3000 UK Voice Minutes, 3000 text and 12 GB of data.

Buy Now for £20 - lasts 30 days.

Now travel to over 60 countries with Feel at Home on Three.

With Feel at Home, traveling worldwide means you can say goodbye to expensive charges on your phone bill. So if you Tweeting from Madrid, Snapchatting from New York or asking Google for directions home in Jakarta, its all covered.

Explore the destinations covered with Feel at Home.

Get ready to pack the suncream and grab the passport as you explore the destinations covered with Feel at Home. Click on a flag to find out fast facts on your next holiday or business trip.

Austria Flag Austria

Belgium Flag Belgium

Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria

Channel Islands Flag Channel Islands

Croatia Flag Croatia

Cyprus Flag Cyprus

Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic

Denmark Flag Denmark

Estonia Flag Estonia

Finland Flag Finland

France Flag France

Germany Flag Germany

Gibraltar Flag Gibraltar

Greece Flag Greece

Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong

Hungary Flag Hungary

Iceland Flag Iceland

Indonesia Flag Indonesia

Isle of Man Flag Isle of Man

Israel Flag Israel

Italy Flag Italy

Latvia Flag Latvia

Liechtenstein Flag Liechtenstein

Lithuania Flag Lithuania

Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg

Macau Flag Macau

Malta Flag Malta

Netherlands Flag Netherlands

New Zealand Flag New Zealand

Norway Flag Norway

Poland Flag Poland

Portugal Flag Portugal

Ireland Flag Ireland

Romania Romania

Slovakia Slovakia

Slovenia Slovenia

Spain Flag Spain

Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka

Sweden Flag Sweden

Switzerland Flag Switzerland

USA Flag United States

3 easy steps to using your phone abroad.

Mobile 123 '1' Icon Small

Turn on International Roaming through customer services.

Mobile 123 '2' Icon Small

Turn on data roaming.

Mobile 123 '3' Icon Small

Travel to a Feel At Home destination.

That’s It!

Feel at Home sounds to good to be true.

So part of you now thinks this is great, but the sceptical side of you tells you it is too good to be true. Well naturally there are some conditions, but its not exactly small print. Three do this to protect the scheme from abuse, meaning you cannot simply move abroad and use your plan for months or years at a time. To get around not being able to use your hotspot abroad, check out the different options to connect your Tablets, Laptops and other devices on the Mobile Broadband page.

What’s included?

Green TickAll calls and texts to UK numbers (within your standard allowance). 08 numbers are included in your standard allowance. If you go over your allowance, or don’t have one, calls to 08 numbers will be charged at up to 16.6p a minute.

Green Tick All your data usage (within your allowance).

Green Tick It’s always free to receive calls and texts in a Feel At Home destination. Don’t forget that when you’re calling or texting back to the UK, you’ll need to replace the first 0 in the number you’re calling or texting with +44.

Green TickYou’ll be able to stream and connect to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) while in a Feel At Home destination but both of these will be slower than they are in the UK.

What’s not included?

Red Cross If you have all-you-can-eat data you can use up to 12GB. If you have all-you-can-eat texts you can send up to 5,000 texts. If you have 3,000 or more minutes included in your allowance you can use up to 3,000 minutes.

Red Cross Numbers that start with 070, 09 and 118 directory services.

Red Cross Feel At Home is designed for UK residents who are on holiday or business trips abroad, not for extended periods abroad.

Red Cross You can’t use your phone as a personal hotspot (tethering) while you’re abroad.

Red Cross You can’t use your minutes allowance to make calls to local or other international numbers, as you can only use your inclusive minutes to call UK numbers, whether you’re in the UK or a Feel At Home destination.

Happy Travels.