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So you have the latest phone, tablet or gadget and I bet it cost a pretty penny too. Now give your device the love it needs and yourself the peace of mind with cover against a range of mishaps, accidents and loss. More details can be read on this page about the business or you can click through to their site for a full description of what they offer.

Gadget insurance is available through protectyourbubble

Protect your bubble is a new kind of insurance company. We understand that 21st century lives are busy and complicated, so created an online service that makes insurance uncomplicated.

Their range of insurance products have been specifically tailored to offer protection in a fast changing, modern world. Customers have total peace of mind that if the unexpected happens, the cover and support they need is in place and immediately available.

Protect your bubble is working hard to be a different kind of insurance provider.

We offer a range of quality products that are realistically priced and constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of customers. From buying a policy to making a claim, they want to build long-term relationships with customers. As such, so we offer flexibility and versatility that enables you to tailor our products to suit your own personal needs and lifestyle.