Mobile Broadband

Its internet with legs
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Mobile Broadband simply put is broadband on the go. It allows you to get online without the need to find a wifi hotspot or being connected to a telephone line or cable, meaning you can connect to the internet anywhere you are.

It works using a wireless 3G signal, similar to the one your mobile phone uses. How your device connects to the internet is using a piece of kit called a Dongle which plugs into a USB slot on your PC, mac or laptop. You can connect multiply devices to the internet using a MiFi device, allowing up to 5 devices online simultaneously.


The various packages available from Three are truly unique and industry leading having won awards from top names in the industry such as T3, MacWorld, Mobile Today and Three has also been rated No.1 network for Mobile Broadband by YouGov, an independent research organisation that provides research and insight into what people think and do.