A Lancashire school boy aged 11 has unknowingly racked up £6,000 in Credit Card bills thanks to in App purchases.

Thanks to the ever growing popularity of in app purchases for expansion packs and add ons found within Games and other Apps, the 11 year old has racked up the £6,000 worth of charges within hours at £99 a pop, as he was curious to what it would unlock.

The family took their plight to the BBC which Apple later agreed to refund the family. Apple did stress its parental controls and ‘Ask to Buy’ features are there to help parents protect young users from making unauthorised purchases.

In 2014 Apple agreed to pay $32.5 million (£26,078,000) in compensation to US parents whose children made in-app purchases without their permission.

We cannot confirm if the lad has been made to sacrifice his pocket money, but I’d certainly be thinking about it.