The network which has been famous for giving customers a fair deal on data is continuing its phasing out AYCE plans with the first causality on pay as you go.

The network has recently upset customers on pay as you go with hiking the plan from £15 on its All in One bundle to £20 that also came with 300 minutes and unlimited text. With the removal of AYCE data, customers are now able to get the same plan at £20 with 12GB of data and 300 minutes and unlimited text.

While 12GB still remains a decent amount of data over 3G and 4G, customers who demand more are now being forced to switch to one of the Three sim only plans.

What remains to be seen though is what will happen at the end of contract terms, as customers of the One Plan took to Twitter in February to signal their displeasure of being kicked off the plan and the price to double.
All in One 10 which costs £10 every 30 days has received an increase in data from 500mb to 1GB with the same 100 minutes and unlimited text. These bundles have now also been updated on our Three Pay As You Go page.

So if you need AYCE data, head over to our Three Sim Only page to find out the current range of tariffs before they disappear forever.

Update 7th April

Three have contacted Mobile 123 and informed us that AYCE is still available on PAYG on a £25 All in One bundle which can be purchased after an intial top up of £25…..but how long for Three?