Have you have been a loyal Three customer on the One Plan to be told your plan is now coming to an end and is going to double in price? Well it’s coming as we reported a few weeks ago

And now Vodafone is jumping on the One Plan demise and offering customers until the 3rd March to transfer to its network.

The Plan which usual costs £40 a month comes with a choice of extras like Spotify (worth £9.99 a month), Netflix (worth £5.99 a month), Sky Sports Mobile TV (worth £4.99 a month) or Now TV (worth £6.99 a month) free for 12 months and is currently being offered for only £20.

The plan included unlimited calls, unlimited text and 20GB of data.


Couple of things to consider though.

  1. 3G and 4G coverage is not the most realiable nationwide.
  2. Overspend a possibility as Vodafone don’t automatically cap accounts. This add on costs an extra £8 a month.
  3. You loose free access to using your phone abroad in Feel at Home destinations but gain access to more countries through EuroTraveller and WorldTraveller which for £3 per day you can use your package at home abroad. 

So if you want to give the two fingers to Three, then this could be the deal to go for. However, before you make any rushed descion we would recommend you log on to your my3 account and check your actual usage. You may be surprised to notice that your data may not be as high as you think and a Sim Only plan with a lower capped amount of data on Three may be more suitable.