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Australia, a huge and mesmerising country with huge landscapes, great characters and large open roads. I had the opportunity to visit this great country and explore the east and parts of the south in what turned out to be a non stop two weeks. Landing in Brisbane, we found our feet after the epic 20 hour journey from London and explored the city. Let the #holidayspam begin! Within hours of arrival and following the calls and text home to say we arrived safely to family and friends, I was unlucky to also have a call from my bank, Natwest, to inform me that I had my bank card cloned in Rio de Janeiro and they were going to have to cancel the card. Fortunately for me nothing had left the account but also, thanks to Feel at Home and the inclusive Contract minutes, text and data, no charges to make the subsequent calls to arrange funds and the use of my credit card. While I was sorting this out, Anna was doing the usual Facebook, Whatsapp and Simpsons Tapped Out thing using the All-you-can-eat data on her Pay as you Go sim. Our journey took us as far North as Fraser Island, a truly beautiful place with fresh water lakes such as Lake McKenzie which is a must for a swim. Fraser Island is also the largest sand island in the world and home to the very unique 8 lane highway on the sand. There are plenty of things to do, with camping a must if possible and a flight in a light aircraft.